Tucker Carlson: What the Dems Don’t Want You to See at the Convention

For many years people have long speculated what the problems with the Democratic Party are. They try and coverup their problems by shifting focus and blame onto others around them. But as the Democratic National Convention ran its course irony, double standards and dangerous doctrines came flowing out of the older members and speakers. The nation saw the heartless approach and hateful spirit of the Democratic Party.

The first speaker to present the lies of his life was Andrew Cuomo. The murderer of elderly people had the stage at the DNC. He made the point of bragging up his self-proclaimed success of how his state has fought the coronavirus.

Tucker Carlson had stated that everyone expects Cuomo to be a keynote speaker based on his past. It had nothing to do with his accomplishments, but rather who he is related to. Carlson stated that “The weirdest moment by far of the night was Andrew Cuomo’s speech; Cuomo is the brother of CNN’s weightlifting correspondent. His father famously gave the DNC keynote back in 1984. There was never any question that Andrew Cuomo was going to speak at this year’s convention.”

Cuomo bragged about how he handled the COVID-19 outbreak but all he did was remind people of how many people he intentionally killed in the nursing homes. Cuomo is the last person on the planet that can claim that he handled the virus well. He is the one that did the unspeakable and deliberately infected people.

All he did is show the world that Democrats lie and live in their own little world of reality. They think that they are God’s gift to mankind. But, in reality, they are the poison that kills everything good in life.

When Michelle Obama took the stage, she ended up presenting herself as a victim and not a victor. She was so sad and defeated that she would not even come to the convention. She had to tape herself and then broadcast it over the television. She is so self-centered that she cannot accept the way that people look at her. So, she makes them changed instead of her.

He victimized speech claimed that innocent people are being murdered in the streets. She claimed the age-old story that BLM spreads that colored people are being killed in mass by cops. And the list went on and on.

Most of what Obama said was found to be incorrect statistics. Facts show that there is not a host of people being killed by cops. In the entire nation, there were only 14 people killed by the police. And in most of those cases, the person killed attacked the cops first.

Her speech was an attempt to make Americans fear what does not need to be feared. She is trying to divide the country, which can be used by her sick candidate as a means to gain supporters.

Carlson pointed out that “Michelle Obama made very clear if you disagree with what she says, you are a bigot.” She has no room for people with a different view on key issues. A bigot is not a person that disagrees with issues. To call Americans a bigot is to show how fearful Obama is.

The last speaker was Muriel Bowser who is D.C.’s mayor. The city is in shambles and is full of drug-addicted people who have been forgotten about by Bowser. Her reluctance to denounce the violence has put her in the ranks with the terrorists that hate America.

The sad reality of the Democratic Party is one of delusion. They live in their world that is full of made-up praise and honor. They think that they are better than the rest of the country. Their attitude is why the lost in 2016 and why they will again in 2020.

President Trump is the real deal. He does what he says and honors his promises. He has proven through action that he cares about people. The president made a lot of promises and he has delivered on every one of them. He is exactly what the nation was looking for and they will vote for him again.

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