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Unarmed Missouri woman fatally shot by sheriff’s deputy — and the incident was caught on camera

A search warrant filed in the case of Hannah Fizer’s death says that the surveillance camera of a nearby business recorded the incident that led to a Pettis County sheriff’s deputy fatally shooting the 25-year-old woman, WDAF-TV reported.

What’s this about? Hannah Fizer was pulled over on the night of June 13 by a Pettis County Sheriff’s Office deputy. The stop was reportedly for speeding and careless driving.

The deputy reported that Fizer was slow to pull over, and when he questioned her, she allegedly refused to identify herself. According to the deputy, Fizer told him she was recording the stop on her cell phone and she told him she was armed with a gun and would shoot him.

Six minutes after the stop began, the deputy fired into Fizer’s car, shooting her multiple times, killing her. Five shell casings were recovered from the scene.

A description of the surveillance video said Fizer was seen moving in the car before the deputy shot her, but no weapon was found in Fizer’s possession or anywhere in the car.

The state digital forensics team is in possession of the video from Fizer’s phone for analysis and data extraction. The deputy was not wearing a body camera, and the stop was not recorded on a dash camera.

Sheriff urges calm amid protests: Local residents who believe the shooting was unjust protested after Fizer was killed. Some, like Fizer’s friend Laura Cooper, believe there is information missing about how the shooting occurred.

“Hannah would not threaten a cop like that. It just wasn’t in her behavior,” Cooper told WDAF. “I knew there had to be more to the story than what was being told.”

KMBC-TV reported that the sheriff called for calm from the community as protests occurred and deputies’ names and addresses were reportedly circulated on the internet.

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