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Video catches the moment a protester’s large firework is tossed back into his car and explodes

Police in Riverside, California, have arrested a suspect for an incident during a protest when a protester tried to light a large firework only to have a passerby grab it and threw it back into his car.

The incident occurred on June 1 during a protest against the death of George Floyd while in police custody.

The video shows a black car drive into an intersection in the middle of the protest, and a driver exiting to light a firework. Another protester runs in, grabs the firework, and throws it into the car.

A female passenger is seen fleeing before the firework explodes, and the car rolls backward slowly. Police said that the protester who tossed the firework back into the car was assaulted by onlookers and the driver.

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Police were able to obtain the license plate of the car from surveillance and later arrested 20-year-old Gabriel Castillo.

Castillo was charged with possession of illegal fireworks and for violating probation for evading police.

Police are searching for other suspects in the rioting and looting that followed upon the peaceful protests and damaged several businesses.

Here’s the video of the firework return:

Driver lights firework during Riverside protest, gets it tossed back into car | ABC7

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