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Video shows Black Lives Matter protester freak out when her baby stops breathing — then run to a cop for help

Video captured the alarming moment in Palmdale, California, when a mother at a Black Lives Matter protest ran for help from a police officer when her baby stopped breathing.

The woman is seen on the security camera footage running towards a police officer on the video when her 11-month-old baby boy stopped breathing. She had been participating in a protest at a local park.

The department said the child lost consciousness and stopped breathing.

Deputy Cameron Kinsey was able to get the baby breathing again after several blows to his back. It was determined that a coin was stuck in his airway after he swallowed it.

The child was hospitalized after the incident.

When asked about the protest, Kinsey responded, “none of that other stuff matters, just the baby.”

Palmdale has been at the center of unrest in California since a black man was found hanging from a tree. Local authorities initially indicated that they believed he had committed suicide, but community members are suspicious and have called for a more through investigation.

Another black man was found hung in Victorville, California, with a similar response by police and protesters.

Here’s the video of the startling incident:

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