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VIDEO: Suspect in custody after reportedly striking 92-year-old woman in the face, knocking her to the ground

Police arrested a 31-year-old male in connection with a viral video showing a suspect shoving an elderly woman to the ground in New York City.

What are the details?

Surveillance footage captured the moment a suspect struck the woman in her face. According to AM NY, the incident took place June 12.

The 92-year-old woman, who remains unnamed, hit her head on a fire hydrant and was taken to nearby Mount Sinai Beth Israel Hospital for treatment. Reports say the woman is in stable condition.

The woman was walking with a pushcart, minding her own business, when the suspect — Rashid Brimmage — reportedly shoved her to the ground in an unprovoked attack.

On Tuesday, local police announced that Brimmage had been taken into custody in connection with the incident and charged with assault.

What else?

WNBC-TV reported that Brimmage has a lengthy record with more than 100 arrests.

The station reported that Brimmage received a desk appearance ticket for his most recent offenses due to the city’s bail reform project.

“He is an NYPD co-response client, which means police have responded with social workers when dealing with him,” the station notes. “Brimmage has an extensive history of being emotionally disturbed in police encounters as well.”

The elderly woman reportedly isn’t his first victim, either. Authorities allegedly arrested Brimmage three times since February for similar crimes.

“Police fear Brimmage will receive yet another desk appearance ticket for the latest incident, freeing him to attack at random again,” the senior official said, according to the station.

What did the elderly woman say?

WABC-TV reported that the elderly woman — who remains unnamed at the time of this reporting — is “frightened to tears” following the attack.

“I’m not going to walk there on my own, and it’s very upsetting,” said the victim, a retired school teacher. “It’s very upsetting.”

The elderly woman said that she initially thought she’d been struck by a brick.

“Hit me on the right scalp, on the right side of my head, and, of course, I fell down on the street,” she said. “There were a couple of young women there. They helped me up. They said, ‘I’m going to call an ambulance.'”

The woman said that before the attack, she felt “very safe in the city,” but admits that she’s now afraid to leave her home.

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