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VIDEO: Would-be intruder prepares to break into family’s home, but a brave 10-year-old girl scares him off

Cops in Bakersfield, California, are on the hunt for a man they say planned to burglarize a home — until he was cared off by a 10-year-old girl.

What happened?

KFSN-TV reported Saturday that a man believed to be a would-be intruder was caught on a Ring camera walking up to a house, preparing to enter the home.

What he didn’t know was in the car parked next to him in the driveway was 10-year-old Lola Letournuea.

Lola was in the car after turning it on and starting the air conditioning as her family prepared to head out, KERO-TV said.

As she sat there, the suspect, whom authorities said could be seen driving around the neighborhood multiple times, approached the house and walked up the driveway to enter the garage.

The Ring video shows Lola rushing from the car screaming, “Hey! Get out of here!”

The surprised suspect turned tail and sprinted off, quickly getting out of range of the camera.

What was Lola thinking? She told KERO, “I just knew I needed to tell him to leave. So I just thought of a bunch of words to like tell him to go away.”

Lola’s family is, of course, very proud of their girl. Her mom, Jordan Pendley, told KFSN, “She is very brave. I am so surprised. She was pretty shook up, I felt pretty bad for her. She was really scared, but that was such a bold move of her.”

And her stepdad, Dylan Pendley, said Lola did what she had been trained to do.

“I said, if you get in that situation just yell, i mean, especially with the pandemic going on, there’s a lot of people home, just scream and someone is going to come outside,” he said, according to KERO. “Fortunately, my neighbor he came out.”

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