Violence Against Law Enforcement Takes New Turn as Family Gets Murder Threats

Police all over the country are facing hostility as they are called on to continue to serve and protect. The fanciful police haters attack them without provocation and seek to murder them without reason. During one set of riots, the would-be killers tried to barricade the officers inside their station while they set the building on fire. People that threaten the police should be tried for murder. Without ever being allowed to get out of prison.

ICE agents are no exception to the rule. Attacks on them started on them long before BLM tried to murder police officers around the country. ICE agents face intense attacks at the hands of the Democrats.

When they enter into a city to arrest an illegal, they are usually met with hostility if the city is run by a liberal. The wicked Democrats classify their cities as sanctuary cities. These are places that illegal criminals can run and hide.

The police are ordered by the mayor that they cannot cooperate with their fellow officers or they will face charges themselves. The liberals bind their hands and keep them from assisting in the removal of a horrible criminal. In essence, the Democrats have sided with the criminal.

A man living in Colorado thought it would be fun to verbally make threats of murder toward officers that work with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Threats were also made towards officers that serve the Enforcement and Removal Operations.

Timothy Hummel has surrendered his life when he made the threats. He pleaded guilty to making the threats towards federal officers. There was no reason for this sorry thing to make the murder threats. But that was not even the worst part of his crime.

Hummel did not just make threats of murder towards the officers. He also made them towards their families. John Fabbricatore, is the field office director for the ERO in Denver. He stated that “Making death threats against federal employees and their families is a crime and I appreciate the support of the United States Attorney’s Office in this case.”

Like all stupid criminals, Hummel was not smart enough to even cover his tracks. He would call the ICE Denver Field Office and make his threats over and over again. He had no regard for the person he was speaking with or what they did in the office. If they worked there, then they were targets.

Hummel was ticked off that people were being arrested and removed from their homes and jobs. In his mind, there was no reason why they should have been detained and deported. But like all nasty liberals, he never had all the facts of why they were being deported. He had just believed the liberal lie that the illegals are just being picked on.

Hummel would call in and leave voicemails with his threats. He would even send emails with the threats of death for the agents and their families. An email is an easy thing to trace. When the police looked into the matter, they quickly found Hummel and arrested him.

Hummel’s purpose was to scare the officers and their families. He wanted them to waste their resources on trying to find him rather than the criminals that he was protecting. And what is sad about his arrest is that not one of the illegals is going to help him out of prison.

Fabbricatore would also state that “Threatening and harassing federal employees for doing their jobs as mandated by Congress has no place in a civilized society. We sincerely hope this remains an isolated incident and that people will express their unhappiness with the immigration system in more constructive ways.”

Hummel is set to receive 15 months in prison and a two-year supervised release once he is out of prison. With a felony on his record his life as he knew it is over. He will struggle to find work and will certainly wish he could vote in future elections. But like all ignorant young liberals, they never think through their actions until it is too late to do anything about their consequences or their choice.

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