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Viral video shows Texas woman spitting on store counter after being told she has to wear a mask to buy beer

An ugly interaction between a 7-Eleven clerk and an irate woman was captured on video from Fort Worth, Texas, that has gone viral.

The video recorded on Monday shows a very angry woman yelling at the clerk because of their policy that all customers have to wear a mask.

After angrily arguing with the clerk, she spits on the counter in front of him. She appeared to be trying to purchase Miller Lite beer and two boxes of Milk Duds.

“I don’t have a mask!” she yells at the clerk. “I’m spreading more germs standing here, for God’s sake!”

According to the Star Telegram, customers are required in Tarrant County to wear a mask and a business will be in violation of the order if they don’t require customers to wear a mask.

“We have a right in America not to wear a [bleeped] mask!” she yells. “Do you not watch the news? We don’t have to do this!”

Texas is experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases. In Houston, medical professionals are sounding the alarm as ICU beds have reached 102% capacity.

Here’s a local news report about the viral video:

Woman In Fort Worth 7-Eleven Spits On Counter After Being Told She Had To Wear A Face Mask

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