Voters Give Abortion Industry a Disastrous Blow


Abortion and “women’s health,” as it has become more recently referred to as, has been a Democratic talking point for years, basically ever since the barbaric practice was legalized in the greater United States in Roe v. Wade. And it has had to be, as for just as long, it has been opposed by conservatives and Christians the world over.

However, the latter has made little headway to change anything about the laws concerning abortion in the nation. That is until Election Day 2020.

In the state of Louisiana, which is usually known as a rather red and conservative state, the matter was included on the ballot for the general election. And believe it or not, 57 out of 64 parishes (similar to counties) voted against the state’s practice and funding.

According to Louisiana voting records, 1.2 million people voted that the state’s constitution should be amended to say that abortion isn’t a moral practice and, therefore, shouldn’t be paid for by the government.

The question as it read on the ballot was: “Do you support an amendment declaring that to protect human life, a right to abortion and the funding of abortion shall not be found in the Louisiana Constitution?”

According to The New York Times, with 59 of the state’s 64 parishes reporting on the issue, only two said they opposed amending the Constitution – a total of about 635,000 votes.

If that’s not a message for the abortion industry, I don’t know what is.

And while Louisiana is the only state known to have a question during the election on their ballots, they are certainly not the only state considering such a law change.

In recent years and months, the legality of abortion has only become more widely contested, even as those who do support it only seems to grow louder.

Naturally, this might lead one to believe that Christianity or religion is growing within the nation or at least affecting it somehow. After all, how can it be ‘her body, her choice,’ if it’s not really her body but God’s temple?

But that might not be entirely true.

As actor and conservative figure Jim Caviezel seemed to imply in September, religion has little to do with it. He explained that even if he didn’t have any kind of religious faith, the act itself is hideous enough to make him think of it as “immoral.”

He said, “I’ve looked at the barbarism of abortion. I’ve seen one of them… there is no hiding it anymore. Even if I don’t really know who Jesus is, something in me, my own conscience hits me – ‘That’s immoral. That’s wrong. Why are we doing this?’”

And he has a point.

Most Americans have little knowledge or realization of what really goes on in an abortion. Even those who have one done are often so drugged that they have no recollection of what happened or how it was completed.

But for the few who have, it is a gruesome and messy procedure, even if done early, while the baby is still no bigger than a walnut. And don’t think for a second that what is taken out isn’t recognizable as human life. If it wasn’t, how do you think abortion clinics such as those owned by Planned Parenthood could make a profit selling baby body parts?

And yet, in some people’s minds, this practice is not only deemed as acceptable but expected under certain circumstances. They claim that the mother should have the option to do what she wants. As I mentioned before, it’s her body, so it should be her choice – as if having a bikini-ready body is more important than human life.

Luckily, the good people of Louisiana, or at least 1.2 million of them, aren’t such idiots. They have taken notice of the cruelty of abortion and made a stand to have it stopped. One, by voting for an amendment of its legality and funding in the state and, two, by voting against Joe Biden and his abortion loving choice for vice president Kamala Harris.

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