Warren May Not be the Veep Pick, But She’s Being Shoved into the White House by Libs

Elizabeth Warren is beginning to feel a bit unwanted. First, she didn’t make it as the presidential candidate for the Democratic Party. Then, she didn’t get the VP spot that so much of the libs were holding out for. Now, there’s talk that she could still make it into the White House if Biden gets the votes.

Left-leaning Warren has big plans to shape the country into the socialist palace that the progressives are hoping and praying for. If she can’t do the shaping as president or vice president, what are some of her other options?

Warren has been identified as someone who is extremely influential. She’s also emerged as someone who can advise on policy to Biden. He needs all the help that he can get, though Warren whispering in his ear is a nightmare when it comes to what is best for the country.

Many had hoped that she was going to be the vice-presidential pick as a way to tilt the ticket a bit more to the progressive side. However, Biden chose to play it safe with a pick that many libs refer to as “basically a cop.”

The Data for Progress is a left-wing think tank that is already scoping out the opportunity for Elizabeth Warren to be the Treasury Secretary. According to Representative Ro Khanna (D-CA), “Whether from the senator or from the administration, she has the brilliance to help shape policy.” Warren’s Build Back Better agenda has already been incorporated into Biden’s presidential campaign, with talk of things like expanding Social Security benefits and canceling some of the student loan debt that’s out there.

Dems want to see how Elizabeth Warren can help the country pull further to the left. The question is whether she should do it as the Treasury Secretary or stay in the role of a Senator. Charles Chamberlain, the Executive Director for the Democracy of America has said that “I’d probably rather she stay in the Senate, where she could be a stronger ally that doesn’t always have to toe the administration’s line. She might be more powerful in the Senate than as treasury secretary.”

If Warren were to stay in the Senate, she has the ability to challenge some of the administration’s steps and push toward a more progressive structural change.

Others who are working to see that Warren gets the position that she needs to help the country with the Democratic agenda applaud her for the “ inside-outside game” that she plays.

Even more, Dems talk about the possibility of getting Elizabeth Warren into the position of Secretary of State. She could certainly be able to whisper into Biden’s ear about the things that need to be done with the country.

It all comes down to who Biden is more likely to listen to – Warren in whatever position she gets or his VP, Kamala Harris, who has typically been a bit less progressive than many of the Dems would prefer to admit.

Warren has made a career out of staying out of the White House. At 71 years old, she’s younger than Biden by six years and Pelosi by nine years. She wants to prove that she has what it takes to mold the Democratic Party and take it to a place it’s never been before – a very progressive place that scares a lot of Americans.

As the General Election nears, it’s not just about a vote for Joe Biden. It’s a look at who Biden is going to put into some of the most powerful and influential positions. The country has already spoken by taking Elizabeth Warren out of the running for president. By voting Biden, it could be inadvertently placing Warren into the White House where she wanted to be all along. A vote for Biden may end up being a vote for a progressive America that is unrecognizable.

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