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WATCH: BlazeTV host Steve Deace and activist Will Keeps demonstrate healing through racial reconciliation

On Monday’s episode of “The Steve Deace Show,” recording artist and activist Will Keeps joined the show to talk about racial reconciliation.

In this clip, Steve Deace and Keeps demonstrated how similar Americans are, regardless of their skin color, and how it is possible to heal our broken nation by finding commonality in our experiences.

Keeps shared his testimony, detailing the tragic childhood that led down a path to joining a gang. After almost losing his life, Keeps eventually turned his life around and became the man he is today: A father, activist, and thought leader in his community in Des Moines, Iowa.

Watch the video below for more details.

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Racial Reconciliation, Without the Politics | Steve Deace Show

Steve was joined by recording artist and activist Will Keeps to talk about what real, apolitical racial reconciliation looks like. Steve Deace barely made it…

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