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Watch: MSNBC tries to shame people for not wearing masks, gets busted on air for hypocrisy

MSNBC attempted to shame people for not wearing masks while outside in public during a segment on Tuesday, but ended up being exposed on air by a passerby who noted that some of the outlet’s own crew weren’t wearing face coverings, either.

What are the details?

During a live shot, host Katy Tur asked reporter Cal Perry of people walking around outside without masks, “Are they not worried about their own personal safety?” Perry replied, “You can see here, just around, nobody is wearing them.”

“Including the cameraman,” a man passing by interjected, adding, “Half your crew isn’t wearing them, either.” Perry then threw his hands up in the air as he was forced to admit, “Including the cameraman.”

Tur then signed off, referring to what she just witnessed as, “Striking images.”

Mask-Obsessed NBC Reporter Forced to Admit on Live TV Cameraman Not Wearing a Mask

Footage taken from the man who called out MSNBC’s hypocrisy confirms that two of the members of MSNBC camera crew with Perry were not wearing masks, while the reporter was filmed accusing people of “not caring” about personal safety or social distancing.

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