WATCH: The Enemy Within: The Democrats’ Plan to Rig Election 2020

When Democrats, the mainstream media, and Hollywood are all scrambling at the last minute for a new voting method, you know things are getting dangerously political.

The Left argues sending people to the polls to vote will be deadly because of COVID-19, but on his Wednesday night special this week, Glenn Beck reveals what they’re really afraid of and how mail-in ballots will prove to be a longer-lasting danger to the American people than this virus could ever be.

Glenn warns: Don’t believe the hysteria over President Trump and the Postal Service; it’s just another Democrat distraction to potentially steal this election from you.

Watch a preview of the full episode below:

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Move Your Money Before 2021!

This has nothing to do with the election or the COVID-19 crisis. Instead, it's a huge, unstoppable stock market trend that was already creating millionaires before the pandemic hit.

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