Watch! This Is Biden for You: Insults Trump Then Lectures Us on How Insults Are Demeaning – All in the Same Sentence

During last night’s debate, President Trump was asked about the executive orders that he has issued against white privilege indoctrination. True to form, Joe Biden was not going to let him speak. He lunged into the conversation to call him a racist. Biden’s a funny guy, for a lot of reasons. His stunning hypocrisies are just part of that equation.

After insulting Trump and calling him a racist, Biden decided to flip flop once again. The same man who just insulted the president is now telling the rest of the world that insults are too demeaning. We can barely keep track of all the name-calling that took place during this debate. Biden was firing off a different smart-aleck comment every few minutes.

If Trump wasn’t a racist or a clown or a liar, he was being told to shut up. While the Democratic party tries their best to act as if they have everyone’s best interests at heart, they are the ones who are truly combative in these instances. Anyone who saw the debate last night knows that Biden is the one who came out swinging.

He was on the offensive from the very beginning. It’s as if he was adhering to some sort of mandate from his team about looking tough for Trump. At least there is no confusion about what Biden thinks of Trump and anyone who supports him. Biden may as well have come out and called anyone who is planning to vote for Trump an idiot. It would have been the most authentic thing he said all night.

The party believes that anyone who votes for Trump is a racist and thus unable to be redeemed in any way. The idea that there are Republican voters who are not white supremacists seems to be lost on them. They are more interested in depicting various extremes. The Democrats are not looking to help anyone with all of this “white privilege” training.

They are only looking to make themselves look like the woke ones. You see, they do not need any of this training themselves because they are already experts in being anti-racist. The woke left has convinced themselves that they have no further improvements to make. Biden is the one who is now emphasizing the darker side of his party and he will continue to lead them into the abyss.

The Democrats want a future where they are able to engage in hate speech while telling everyone else that they are the ones who are being hateful. It’s a neat little trick, one that their supporters have yet to figure out for themselves. If there is anything that Biden has been successful so far, it’s convincing the American people that he does not hate them as much as he clearly does.

The voters that he is speaking to are easy enough to convince. They like being pandered to. American workers should be tired of the usual Democratic rhetoric. Instead, they are all lined up, waiting eagerly for another heaping helping of Biden nonsense. If they had any sense at all, they would be calling out Biden for his blatant hypocrisy.

Biden and his cronies are the first ones to call out Republicans who are being too mean for their liking. As soon as they are done licking their wounds, they are right back to the same antics themselves. We keep waiting for people to get fed up with them but it hasn’t happened to the extent that we would have expected as of yet.

Harris and Pence will be having their first debate soon. Anyone who watched this debate last night knows that this is going to be more of the same. Harris is going to be engaging in personal attacks while acting like Pence is the one who is too mean. It’s all so predictable and we still have almost a whole month to go.

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