‘We did it’: Fox News owner’s wife celebrated Biden’s projected presidential win in a tweet

Many conservatives grew disenchanted with Fox News last Tuesday when the conservative-leaning network called Arizona for Joe Biden with only 73% of votes reported.

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On Monday’s episode of ” Good Morning Mug Club,” Steven Crowder discussed why it is fair for conservatives to question Fox News. According to Crowder, Kathryn Murdock, wife of Fox News owner James Murdoch, took to Twitter to celebrate Biden’s projected win Saturday.

“We did it,” Kathryn tweeted.

In a separate tweet, Kathryn agreed with CNN’s Jake Tapper that “Fox News should put the country above profits.”

“That’s pretty damning. Do you mean ‘we’ the Murdoch family or ‘we’ the network?” Crowder questioned. “Either way, it’s a problem, and that tells you the face mask is coming off.”

Watch the clip below for the scoop. Catch the full episode on BlazeTV.

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