Who Wants to Shut America Down for Six Weeks?… Joe Biden…That’s Who…Be Very Afraid


Earlier this year President Trump made the tough decision to shut down the country for 15 days. Despite the negative effect on our economy, it was the right thing to do to save lives and slow the spread of COVID-19. But that was then.

In many circles, it was not a popular decision, but nonetheless, the president chose to listen to the medical experts as he should have. As America watched its economy crash and burn before their very eyes, alas, the shutdown did not achieve its intended purpose. It only served to make a bad situation even worse, and those medical people lost some serious credibility as a result.

Mistakes are made to be learned from. Fool me once… Shutting down America did not work for Trump, it did not work for the medical professionals, and it won’t work for Joe Biden who wants to repeat the entire scenario again. But for much longer this time around.

With individual states mandating their own safety criteria, Democrat-run states, in particular, continue enforcing crippling regulations that are nailing the coffins shut on bars and restaurants. Disproportionately, both of these industries hire a large number of unskilled, or low-skilled, workers.

Because of uncontrollable staff reductions, a majority of these workers remain unemployed without having the necessary skills or education to find work in another field. This continues weakening the economy, and as anyone can plainly see, has done nothing to curb the rising pandemic.

But if Joe Biden does the exact same thing as Trump tried it’s certain to work because he’s…Joe Biden. He’ll wave his magic wand and all will be well again. The nation will be restored. By a show of hands. Who believes this malarkey?

If you thought being locked in your house for 15 days was bad enough, Biden’s advisors are recommending four to six weeks this time around. That’s a month and a half of food chains grinding to a halt. Grocery store shelves running dry. Hunting high and low for toilet paper. No interaction with other human beings and going insane. And for what? To try something that didn’t work the first time?

Because red states wised up quicker than blue states by lifting a group of restrictions, unemployment rates in blue states remain as much as 60% higher. Interestingly enough, and this will really get you, blue states lead the country in COVID-19 deaths per capita.

How can this be? One reason is that the people who govern the red states were not idiotic enough to mix positive coronavirus patients with nursing home residents. What the heck. They’re old anyway.

Some blue states, even when infection rates go down, still refuse to lift the business-killing regulations, thereby contributing further to their respective drained economies. Because of this, joblessness skyrockets, and residents begin vying for the best bridge to sleep under while trying to ignore their growing hunger pangs. Sound like an exaggeration? It isn’t.

Think about this. European nations were highly praised for their handling of COVID-19. And not to deny cases are still on the rise in America, BUT, they are rising at an even faster pace in Europe. The bandage is peeling off. It was a temporary fix.

The proposed Biden team can’t seem to understand how much shutting the economy down will negatively impact every American citizen. The Trump team has already learned through valuable trial and error, you find the trouble spots and deal with those. You don’t pull the country’s plug.

We know that out of the current number of well over 200,000 recorded COVID-19 deaths, that as of the end of October, less than 500 of those were under the age of twenty-four. We know that those over the age of 85 die at a 50% higher rate than those between ages 0-64 combined.

Being aware of the actual evidence at hand, the Trump team remains focused on the hot spots rather than penalizing an entire nation. It just makes good commonsense. But… This is Joe Biden we’re talking about here.

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