Will she be ‘held accountable’? Baby sleep expert faces boycott for donating to Trump campaign

Cara Dumaplin is more than certified to provide her Instagram and social media followers with tips and tricks to help their new babies sleep: she’s a mom of four, neonatal nurse, wife of a pediatrician, and a certified pediatric sleep consultant.

Cara has earned a large following since 2013, now with 1.3 million followers on her TakingCaraBabies Instagram account. And, according to Breitbart, she has a very non-controversial past. But that all ended when Jamie Grayson, a fellow parenting influencer, tweeted a screenshot of Federal Election Commission records showing that Cara had done the unthinkable: she and her husband donated to former President Trump’s campaign.

Now, parents are reportedly “furious,” and not only are they questioning her advice, but some are even trying to destroy her business. Of course, the media didn’t hesitate to join the fray by suggesting that Cara (and anyone who supported Trump) must now atone for their actions.

Vox questioned whether “influencers and celebrities” should be held “accountable” for their political opinions:

“Under a Biden presidency, will influencers and celebrities be able to skate by without speaking out about political issues just because Trump is no longer in the White House, or will they be held accountable by the followers who make their livelihoods possible?”

And far-left website Salon took the question of “accountability” to a whole new level:

“Predatory providers whose actions are not supportive of all families and cause harm to vulnerable communities don’t deserve our protection or our sympathies — despite all the protestations of ‘cancel culture’ that are disingenuously thrown out to circumvent accountability.”


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