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Young People Are Not Doing What They’re Told and That’s a Good Thing

Reports and data show a trend when it comes to voting when a person is a certain age. It is the rule that the older a person gets the more likely they are to vote conservative. The foolishness of youth is worked out of them as they age and mature. They see beyond the lies of the Democrats and stop making decisions based on how they feel. President Trump is extremely popular with conservatives and there is nothing that is going to change that.

But something is happening with the younger generation. In times past, the younger generations tend to vote liberals into office. But right now, that trend is favoring President Trump as the data shows the youth are favoring him. The youth are no longer going to do what the liberals tell them to do.

They are tired of the constant controlling mechanisms that the Democrats are using to tell people what to do. The youth of America like being free and able to come and go as they please. To be told by a liberal to stay home is to lose that vote in November.

All across the board, youth from every nationality are dropping Biden and lifting President Trump high in victory. Reports show that the margins are enormous. Biden simply does not stand a change in November. It will not matter who he picks as his sad running mate. They both will lose to a mighty popular president.

The youth are wising up this election year as they join the ranks of the older generations. They have finally seen beyond the destructive and manipulative nature of the Democratic Party. It no longer appeals to them to have a liberal telling them what to do. The nation is finally realizing that President Trump does know what he is doing, and those decisions have only made America great and prosperous.

Polls that are done right provide a picture into the health of a particular group of people. President Trump is also gaining ground with women, which has been hard for conservatives to do in past elections. Biden is too much of a womanizer and cannot be trusted to keep his hands off of them. Women are not wanting to vote for him for the sake of their daughters. They do not want that kind of man in the White House making life unsafe for the future generation of mothers.

The youth are flocking to President Trump. The pandemic and the incisive liberal push to control is pushing them away from the liberals and into the president’s camp. The youth of America is money minded. They have seen their parents struggle and fight to survive in hard economic times, and the younger generation just does not want that to happen to them

They see the Trump campaign and future administration as their only hope of having a prosperous future. The liberals want to take what people have and give it to the lazy sloths of America. The youth just don’t want to give up their freedoms. So, they are beginning to think long term and what would be best for them.

Young female voters are thinking about safety and security. The riots have backfired on the Democrats who tried to use them to embarrass a president. Female voters want to know that their families are safe, and nothing is going to come and kill them in the middle of the night. President Trump is the law and order president, which is beautiful music to the younger females.

Liberal polls are always going to put their demented man in the lead. Biden may be ahead in the biased polls, but the president has the people’s hearts. The facts show that the country loves President Trump and they are not going to let him go so easily in November. The gap that he won by is only going to get wider as the month approaches.

President Trump has a plan for the country and that is to keep it great and growing safely. Biden on the other hand has no plan. He has to be told what to say and when to say it. This is not the man that needs to be leading a country. President Trump is the only hope for a bright future for the American people.

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